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Announcement from Kings County Divers


Dear Customers,

As of February 28th, 2014, Kings County Divers will be closed. We value you as a customer and would like to inform you of our going out of business sale, beginning now. During this event, you will be able to take advantage of the discounts that will be placed on the remaining of our inventory. Because of this massive sale, items will move quickly and I hope you will pay a visit to the store.

Any arrangements that you have with us prior to the closing will be honored and all warranties on your merchandise will continue to be in force with the manufacture until the date presented in your contract. Any payments or outstanding bills that you have will need to still be paid in full under the prior arrangement. However, your payments will go to a different address, which you will receive another notice in the mail for separately.

Your continued patronage to our company has been truly appreciated, and we are so grateful for having the privilege of satisfying your needs as our loyal customer. We do understand that the closing of Kings County Divers may be an inconvenience.  And, because our first goal is to satisfy our customers, if a KCD Alumni Association is formed for trips and activities, we will notify you under separate cover.

There will also be a number provided for those who have any questions or concerns. Again, thank you for your loyalty and support over the past 40 years. We truly could have not been more successful without you.



Mia Interrante 


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